Recently I had to use one of these digital controlled RGB LEDs in a project and was very impressed. I have used the WS2812B LED in 5×5 mm package and the APA102-2020 in a 2×2 mm package. The WS2812B needs only one serial data signal, while the APA102 needs additional a clock signal.

WS2812B [available]

The WS2812B is a digital control able RGB LED. You control the color by using only one signal wire.



APA102-2020 [available]

The APA102-2020 is the new model of the APA102 LED in a smaller footprint. They are very tiny, measure just 2 x 2 mmm.

They are controlled with two serial signals, data and clock.

Initially I managed to hand solder a LED, see pictures below.




Click here to download the data sheet for the WS2812B. [670KB]
Click here to download the data sheet for the APA102-2020. [260KB]

Boards with LEDs

APA102-2020 single LED [coming soon]

A board with a single APA102-2020 LED


Coming soon…

APA102-2020 8×8 Matrix LED [coming soon]

A board with 64 APA102-2020 LEDs.

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