MLT – PSoC5LP Analog Sensor Board

The Analog Sensor Board is a board based on an Cypress PSoC 5LP MCU,  which includes several analog output sensors. It has the BME 280, an combined humidity-temperature-pressure sensor on board. Further it has an isolated SPI interface based on Linear’s LTC 6820 on board for remote sensor connection. It features also an display header for an 2×16 character display as well as analog and digital headers. 1Mbit SPI FRAM is as well on board.

Board dimension: 114 x 80 mm ( approx. 5 x 3 inches).

On board analog output sensors:

  • Ambient Light Sensor ISL29101
  • 3-axis Accelerometer ADXL337
  • Temperatur Sensor LMT70
  • Temperature Sensor TMP36
  • 5mΩ Current Shunt Resistor
  • 10kΩ 25 turn Potentiometer
  • on board Voltage reference REF3225
  • Hall sensor DRV5053

Additional to the analog output sensors, it also features the following functionality and components:

  • I2C HTP-Sensor BME280
  • Display header for 2×16 Character display
  • isolated SPI Master interface based on Linear’s LT6820 isoSPI interface
  • 1 Mbit SPI-FRAM
  • 4x LED’s, 4x Push Button
  • Programming header for KitProg and MiniProg3
  • Digital and Analog Header for external signals
  • USB connection and USB powered

The system overview diagram


Photo of the Analog Sensor Board

PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board
PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board

Demo Project and PC Application Software:

The board is shipped with a demo project loaded onto the PSoC and is ready to run. Just connect it to your PC and the App will recognize it and display sensor readings. No driver installation is necessary, as the HID drivers come already with the OS build in. This design was derived from the Cypress Application Note AN82072 “PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP USB General Data Transfer with Standard HID drivers”, and extended to display all sensor data in real time.

Application Description:

The brightness of the LED’s can be independent adjusted via PWM control from the App. The check boxes enabling the PWM adjustment. With clicking the “update” button, the PWM value will be sent to the board and the LED update it’s brightness.

The sensor data are displayed in real time as readings in mV and ADC value, additional there is a optical feedback with progress bars to display the readings.

The status of the push buttons on the board are displayed on the bottom of the window.

The GUI v01 was written in C# with SharpDevelop 5.1

The PSoC design was created wit PSoC Creator 3.3

PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board GUI
PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board GUI


Click here to download the user manual. [1.7 MB]

Click here to download the design files. [1.3 MB]

Click here to download the schematics as PDF. [500 KB]

Click here to download the GUI v01. [800 KB]

Click here to download the firmware for the PSoC which is also installed on every board shipped. [3 MB]


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