MLT – Satellite Modules

The MLT satellite modules are small breakout boards which can be used together with the PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board to evaluate sensors and other peripherals, but also maybe used independently. They feature analog and digital sensors, RTC’s, DAC’s, ADC’s, Voltage References and many more. Currently I am designing and manufacture these modules, so please come back from time to time and see what is available.

Optical Sensors

MLT – OPB9000 [coming soon]

The MLT-OPB9000 is a small module based on the SMD Reflective optical sensor from TT Electronics. This module can be used in many non-contact position sensing applications as well for presence detection. It is an ideal replacement of mechanical end switches.

Temperature Sensors

MLT – LMT70 Small Probe Board [available]

The Small probe board is a very small board based on TI’s high accuracy, high precision analog output temperature sensor LMT70A.

The design was produced according to TI’s application note. You can find it under Downloads.



MLT – LMT70 Flex Probe [available]

The LMT70 flex probe is just a little bit bigger in dimension. About 3 x 4 mm measures the head. It has an bypass cap on board and the contacts are feed away from the board with a flexible circuit board to an easy and bread-board-friendly 3 pin IDC header with convenient 2.54mm (100mil) pitch. Below are a few pictures.


Click here to download the data sheet for the LMT70. [1.4MB]

Click here to download the TI application note. [260kB]

Click here to download solder instruction for the small probe board. [3.8MB]

Click here to download the Hardware Manual for the flex probe. [800kB]

Click here to download the design files for the flex probe. [345kB]


3-axis accelerometer LIS344ALH [available]

The MLT-LIS344ALH satellite module is a small breakout board with ST’s LIS344ALH analog voltage output 3-axis accelerometer sensor. The range is digitally adjustable to ±2g and ±6g on the available pin headers as well as self test feature and power down mode. The board dimension are 25 mm x 15 mm (1″ x 0.6″). A more detailed description can be found in the board manual below.


Click here to download the data sheet for the LIS344ALH. [212KB]
Click here to download the board manual for the LIS344ALH module. [509KB]
Click here to download the design files for the LIS344ALH module. [75KB]

Voltage Reference

High Accurate Voltage Reference LTC6655 [available]

Linear’s LTC6655 is a complete family of precision bandgap voltage references, offering exceptional noise and drift performance. This low noise and drift is ideally suited for the high resolution measurements required by instrumentation and test eqipment.

The MLT-LTC6655 satelite board is available in totally 14 different options, 7 different output voltages as below and each with temperature coefficient of 2 and 5 ppm/°C.

The supply voltage is Vout + 0.5V to 13.2V. The board layout allow the user to modify for higher input voltages.

  • 1.250V
  • 2.048V
  • 2.500V
  • 3.000V
  • 3.300V
  • 4.096V
  • 5.000V

Click here to download the data sheet for the LTC6655. [671KB]
Click here to download the board manual. [840KB]

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