Maleetronic has partnered with ESS

I am happy to announce that Maleetronic has partnered with Equity Services & Solutions (ESS).
ESS is a company with head office in Bangkok, providing solutions in the field of leak testing, vibration measurement and analysis, laser alignment and more.
ESS has big potential to increase the market share in their field, locally here in Thailand and as well international.

This means that I will not have any time for designing new modules, but I am still available for any questions about the modules.
Since all modules are open source, the documentation will remain available under Boards/Projects.

Maleetronic OPB9000 Sensor is available now

The new sensor board based on the OPB9000 from TT-Electronics is now available. As always open source, fully tested after PCB population and 100% genuine parts.

Please find more information and downloads here.

A PCB with 64 APA102-2020 digital controlable RGB LEDs

Just finish testing the new board with 64 APA102-2020 digital controllable RGB LEDs. Here are some pictures.

If you are interested in details of this nice board, please have a look under LEDs and more.

APA102 single RGB LED


There are a couple of new boards based on the incredible small 2x2mm digital controllable RGB LED APA102-2020.

Just now released a board with a single LED. Ideal for prototyping and status signaling.

A LED matrix of 8×8=64 LED will follow soon. As well a LED panel with 32×64=2048 LEDs.

Please have a look under LEDs and more.

MLT-LIS344ALH Satellite Module

Finally the LIS344ALH board has been arrived, tested and is available now.

The MLT-LIS344ALH satellite module is an breakout board based on ST’s LIS344ALH analog output 3-axis accelerometer sensor IC. It uses the LISD344ALH in an LGA 16L package.

Fore more details and downloads please visit MLT Satellite Modules.

MLT-LTC6655 High Accurate Voltage Reference Module

The MLT-LTC6655 breakout board has been arrived and is now available online. Totally 14 different options are available, 7 output voltages with two accuracies each.

Please have look at the detailed product page at MLT Satellite Modules.

MLT PSoC 5LP Analog Sensor Board available now

Finally after writing the demo and testing, the Analog Sensor board is available now.

It features several analog sensors on board as well as analog and digital connectivity to external sensor and devices.

It is shipped with a demo design and the associated PC Application software which can be downloadet from the related page. Just navigate under “Boards/Projects” to the related page for more information. Or click here.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please get in touch with me, I will be glad to hear from you…

MLT isoSPI boards has been arrived

The first production run of the isoSPI boards has been arrived yesterday from the board house. They has been tested and perform very well. Now they are made available, maybe in an day or two they are available to buy.

Please have a look at the product page under “Boards/Projects” for more details and link to the Tindie online shop.

If you have any question, just drop me an email, I will be glad to answer you…

Welcome to Word Press style Blog

The new Word Press style Blog is now online.

I was working the past few weeks now with this word press website, and I am happy that it can go online now. This Blog will be used to announce previews and upcoming projects, while the pages under Boards/Projects are used to provide information and documentation of the hardware.

I hope you will like this new layout.

Feel free to sent me suggestions and comments.