Maleetronic Voltage Reference

High Accurate Voltage Reference LTC6655 [available]

Linear’s LTC6655 is a complete family of precision bandgap voltage references, offering exceptional noise and drift performance. This low noise and drift is ideally suited for the high resolution measurements required by instrumentation and test eqipment.

The MLT-LTC6655 board is available in totally 14 different options, 7 different output voltages as below and each with temperature coefficient of 2 and 5 ppm/°C.

The board can be supplied from as low as (Vout + 0.5V) to 13.2V by default. The board layout allows the user to modify for higher input voltages.

Available output voltages:

  • 1.250V
  • 2.048V
  • 2.500V
  • 3.000V
  • 3.300V
  • 4.096V
  • 5.000V

Click here to download the PDF data sheet for the LTC6655. [671KB]
Click here to download the PDF board manual. [840KB]